Maintenance Information

As an Owner or a Tenant, regular maintenance and emergency maintenance situations can be a fact of life.

How these instances are handled can be the difference between a normal and comfortable occurrence or a downright pain. THE PANG TEAM recognizes the weight maintenance concerns can have on the Tenant’s enjoyment of the home, resulting in a longer and more comfortable occupancy. For Owners, this means fewer repairs due to Move-In/Out and happier long-term Occupants. Rest assured that your Property Management company will make sure any and all maintenance concerns are verified and appropriate actions are taken as promptly as possible.

If you have questions that aren’t answered in this FAQ, please contact THE PANG TEAM on 403-836-6906, and a member of our team can assist you.

What is an Emergency Maintenance situation...and what is not?

Emergency Maintenance situations are anything maintenance related that, could result in physical harm to a person or damage to the property.

In the event that Emergency Maintenance services are required, we ask that you fill in the Maintenance Request form and check the ‘Emergency’ option. Further clarification will be taken via phone or email as soon as possible (we will contact you back) to confirm the details, and appropriate actions will promptly follow.

How will Maintenance concerns be handled?

Maintaining the home and yard space for the health and safety of any PANG TEAM managed property is an absolute priority. Any and all maintenance concerns will be handled as promptly as possible. The online form allows your Property Management company to assess the immediacy of the given situation and contact the appropriate personnel to complete the work. Once we have an idea of the depth of work needed, you will be contacted for further clarification if necessary, or to book a time when the repairs can be completed. If, as an Occupant or Owner have submitted a concern but do not hear a response back via phone or email within 3 business days, we ask that you phone us directly at 403-836-6906 or 403-460-3888

What do I need to do as a Tenant on/before repair day?

When the Technician comes to complete your repairs, we ask that the areas be cleared of any and all personal belongings. The area should also be clean and sanitized. These simple preliminary preparations ensure that the Maintenance Personnel are able to complete the job(s) without additional time spent tidying up or moving things to access the workspace – and you get your whole home back sooner.

What should I expect as an Owner when my property is being/has been serviced?

Rest assured that your property will have any and all work completed at the highest of standards. At your preference, work can only be completed by certified and registered Tradesmen, or experienced Mr. Fix-it Handymen – the choice is yours. All workers will, however, undergo thorough screening to confirm their quality of workmanship is up to our high standards, and pricing will be discussed before any work is started. This screening helps ensure bills won’t be surprisingly high once the work has already been completed.

The completed work and supplies can be paid for in one of two ways:

  1. THE PANG TEAM will arrange maintenance and pay the contractors on the owners behalf. The cost + 10% of gross maintenance work billed is then collected from the monthly rent payment
  2. The owner can personally arrange maintenance and hire contractors at no charge from THE PANG TEAM

Can I perform my own minor renovations (paint, fixtures, etc)?

Only with written consent. Sometimes a little sprucing up can go a long way, however one person’s idea of good change isn’t always the same as the next. For this reason, any properties managed by THE PANG TEAM require written and signed consent to make any renovations/improvements to the property. Please fill in the Maintenance form to request an evaluation for improvements BEFORE any supplies are bought, as supplies may be paid for by the Tenant OR the Owner, based on the evaluation.

Will an Occupant ever be charged for Maintenance?

We recognize that living in any home can produce some basic wear and tear. However, any maintenance issues caused by misuse of the property will be billed to the Occupant. That means, any repairs that need completing because of neglect, abuse, pets, or otherwise abnormal ‘living’ on the premises will be subject to billing to the Tenant.

Also, if there is a scheduled Maintenance appointment booked where a contractor or tradesman is coming in to perform repairs, the Tenant is expected to have the space cleaned and clear of any personal belongings. Failure to attend the appointment to let the worker in, or allow for his/her safety & ability to access the space, will result in the missed appointment being billed to the Occupant, as contractors bill based on attending an appointment, not just completing the work.